154 NE Scouts - Learn New Life Skills Outdoors £500

154 NE Scouts - Learn New Life Skills Outdoors £500

The scouting movement aims to offer children and young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to explore the outdoors, learn valuable life skills like cooking and first aid as well as fostering independence and having fun. We want to be able to offer children and young people in the Leith area the opportunity to participate in camping and outdoor activities through our beaver, cub and scout groups. We work with young people aged 6-14, from a range of cultural backgrounds and socio-economic groups. At a time when many families are struggling with finances, it’s important to us that cost is not a barrier to involvement for our young people. We want to keep activities affordable to allow maximum participation.


The Scouts aim to support vulnerable young people by teaching them life skills and giving them the opportunity to participate fully in their community through activities organized by our scout groups. This project aims to ensure that youngsters from poorer families do not miss out, and are included.

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