Bare Branding - Leith Makers Market £4,480

Bare Branding - Leith Makers Market £4,480

The Leith Makers Market Project aims to provide ‘harder to reach’ members of the community in Leith with a unique opportunity to work alongside community based artists to design and create their own art and products. Our aim is to provide the resources and facilities for people to help themselves, and for them to have the means to address some of the social issues they are facing. The idea is for Leith residents and groups (up to about 50 local people of all ages, particularly older and younger people) to participate in sessions, with some possibly going on to run their own business, using BB workshop facilities for the groups to design, manufacture and sell a collection of branded products at various locations in Leith.


Key Outcomes include: - Development of collaborative community arts/cultural making project based in Leith - Encouragement of increased participation in cultural/community arts activity of ‘harder to reach community members in Leith - Development of local skills and learning how to ‘make’ printed items (eg. Bags, posters, etc) - Contributing to the improvement health & wellbeing (e.g.increased confidence, reduction of social isolation of participants) - Contribute towards improved employabi

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