YMCA - Breaking down barriers with food £5,000 FUNDED

YMCA -  Breaking down barriers with food £5,000  FUNDED

We will provide a safe space, weekly, where women can access a hot meal and learn how to make healthy meals (one pot and batch cooking). We will provide much needed cooking, budgeting and nutritional knowledge to families and isolated individuals experiencing food inequality. Each week we will provide a hot meal and distribute food to help mitigate against hunger. Group sessions preparing and sharing affordable healthy meals will help reduce isolation and will break down barriers and build connections. Following previous nutritionist led workshops, Eat Yourself Well and Healthy Food for Growing Bodies, we hope to collaborate further to bring a depth of knowledge to our community, promoting health, creativity, budgeting, parenting choices and well-being. For those that are driven, there would be opportunity to gain catering experience and a hygiene certificate in preparation for entering the workplace.



Many women from BME communities, who may be socially isolated and experience language and cultural barriers, particularly miss the social engagement that comes from the informal making and sharing of food. We would prepare meals together, helping members to take the lead, facilitating the natural building of relationships and integration between cultures. Our nutritionist feels we can reach women who aren’t engaging in any services currently, and could provide instruction in Arabic if needed

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