Sikh Sanjog - for girls and young women £3,000

Sikh Sanjog - for girls and young women £3,000

We aim to help vulnerable people, specifically girls and young women from the Sikh and BME communities who are subjected on a daily basis, both within and outside the home, to heavy pressures about their bodies and looks. These arise from cultural pressures (from early arranged marriages) and modern social pressures (public and social media, peer pressure) and often lead to problems with nutrition and physical health and also poor self-esteem, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, and, specifically, eating disorders such as crash diets, potential anorexia, binge eating We will run group sessions aimed at young girls aged 10 and over from Sikh and other minority communities that currently do not attend mainstream services out with school, we will work with local families, schools, organisations and the Gurdwara to reach these girls.


Sikh Sanjog supports Leith’s Sikh and BME communities and engages with the most disadvantaged minority ethnic groups specifically women and children. We deliver our services in sensitive and innovative ways to challenge and celebrate cultural differences. We do this through groups, one2one support, partnership working and feeding into relevant policy.


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