Pulse of the Place - Stand up for Youth £3,750

Pulse of the Place - Stand up for Youth  £3,750

Our project, ‘Stand Up for Youth’, will involve writing, performing and improvisation with young people, leading to a performance at the Stand Comedy Club. We have also included two drumming performances for Leith Festival events. The grant will be spent on running the 29 sessions, 83hrs of sessional staff, venue costs and equipment. All sessions will be free to young people.Through our project young people will have the opportunity to engage in their local community events and build their confidence, literary skills and performance techniques.We will use CofE and SHANARRI when delivering and evaluating the project.


We provide recreational activities to advance education and learning and to advance the arts principally for children and young people that will support their development, increase their skills and extend their outlook (being successful learners). The project will be accessible with the significant barrier of cost being removed. The project will be free of charge.

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