Potter of Leith - bring communities together £4,000

Potter of Leith - bring communities together £4,000

We wish to set up regular pottery events throughout the year to the local community, in order to give those with mental health difficulties, those who are impoverished, and those who are from ethnic minorities, a way to mix and bond with the rest of the local community through the art of pottery.We will aim to collaborate with local art groups such as Craigmillar Community Arts, Meadowbank House, local churches, Citadel arts groups, the Ripple Project and as many other local organisations as possible in order to offer our services to their member lists and to reach as many minority groups, disabled groups and impoverished groups who may not otherwise find out about what we can offer them.Where a group or organisation has a suitable space, it may be possible to transport equipment and materials to that space, thereby delivering therapeutic and creative activities in a familiar, safe environment.


Helping people with disabilities, people with mental health issues, people from disadvantaged backgrounds and minority groups, as well as people who simply wish to try pottery, the chance to mix and bond, and have a safe, arts led focus away from the problems they currently facing

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