PASDA - Parents Autistic Spectrum Disabled Adults £4,680

PASDA  - Parents Autistic Spectrum Disabled Adults £4,680

Through sessions at Leith community sites eg Kirkgate Community Centre, Sikh and Hindu temples, PASDA will outline the support available to carers of autistic adults. Carers will be offered a private interview, an opportunity to participate in social groups eg walking, gardening, singing and coffee clubs and provided with relevant documents. The grant will be used to organise events, interviews and document printing costs.The purpose of these information events would be to reduce isolation and increase confidence of carers by demonstrating that with appropriate support autistic adults can lead meaningful lives. Beneficiaries will be older carers.


The main aim is to assist families to improve the life of their autistic adult. The activities will reduce loneliness and isolation in carers of autistic adults. There is virtually no post diagnostic support for autistic adults or their (often elderly) carers. PASDA provides a non-judgemental environment where carers can meet others in a similar situation, seek appropriate advice and begin to build confidence in their caring role.

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