Mustard Seed - Help homeless people who are hungry £5,000

Mustard Seed -  Help homeless people who are hungry £5,000

Helping homeless people in Leith through the benefits of a healthy home cooked meal, Soul Food provides the opportunity for homeless people to find community. Our hopes are to meet the immediate needs of hunger; create a space of respite; to give support for the isolated; to give the opportunity to chat and signpost to other agencies, along with consistent ongoing support. If a grant is awarded it will help cover the costs of the food for a year. On Thursdays around 60 guests who are dealing with the issues of food poverty as a result of being homeless will be welcomed. We have about 20 volunteers, many of whom are former guests.


Working with people from Leith who are hungry, giving them a healthy meal in circumstances where our guests are suffering from food inequality, and we are supporting people who are isolated, with poor mental health and often dealing with issues of addiction.

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