Leith Primary PC - Food when the school is closed £5,000

Leith Primary PC - Food when the school is closed £5,000

Leith Primary Parent Council project will provide Holiday Hampers for 100 families attending Leith Primary School. The hampers will be distributed by the school to families facing financial hardship over the summer. The hampers will contain basic food items designed to feed the family, particularly the children, over the first few weeks of the holidays. In addition we will include tickets to a local attraction so that families can enjoy a day out together. The expected outcomes are approximately 150 children fed and entertained for part of the holidays and in turn ready to re-engage with school in August.


We recognise that a significant number of pupils at the school are living in and affected by poverty. Whilst free school meals and breakfast club help, in part, to mitigate this during term time we are aware that a number of families experience "holiday hunger" particularly during the long summer holidays. The aim of this project is to help address this need and ensure that vulnerable children and families from our school can have an enjoyable summer too.

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