Leith Community Cinema - Encouraging community £1,460

Leith Community Cinema -  Encouraging community £1,460

As part of our 2019 film programme, as a pilot, we are proposing to introduce a hot food café between our two screenings (both to be held on the same Saturday each month). We will invite those attending the morning film - both audience and volunteers - to join together for a hot food café lunch along with those arriving early for the afternoon screening. Our screenings welcome people from our local community including focused screenings for children and families as well as accessible, dementia friendly, youth specific and ethnic minority screenings. We have also engaged with a local group working with refugees with plans to screen a film they have requested us to screen. The funding, if granted, would enable us to purchase basic equipment, cutlery, crockery and cover the cost of ingredients for the café menu. It would also cover the cost for access and use of the kitchen in our premises and fund Food Hygiene Training for 4 of our volunteers.


We aim to make a visit to our cinema more than just “to watch a film”. The aim of our community cinema is to provide affordable recreational activities for those of all ages in our local community. Encouraging community development through active participation involvement in the planning, organisation and running of the cinema by those attending and offering opportunities before or after screenings for discussion and refreshment in a relaxed atmosphere.

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