Building Bridges - Multicultural Leith £4,450

Building Bridges  - Multicultural Leith £4,450

Building Bridges will plan and run ten inspiring evenings of multicultural music, dance and story sharing events with food, Sitar music and conversations. These events aim to build friendships between the new Leith communities living side by side, to shape intercultural neighbourhoods. The events will provide an opportunity to hear stories from the ethnic minority communities about what Leith means to them and their journey to Scotland. Building Bridges will invest the grant money in running these events and training volunteers


Separation into parallel communities by ethnicity and/or faith means a lack of shared experiences, with little opportunity for the emergence of shared values.The project will enable a better understanding of the diverse communities in Leith and building bridges of respect and equality. Understanding the new communities in Leith is crucial to community cohesion and integration. Building Bridges will help communities to cross-connect, making them safer, and more tolerant.


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