Creative Electric - Equality and accessibility £5,000

Creative Electric - Equality and accessibility £5,000

Creative Electric plan to celebrate ten years of delivering award winning community engagement, live art and performance by working with our community to deliver:Gatherings:an opportunity to get together, enjoy music, dance & theatre and receive a free meal. Gatherings are open to all but are predominantly promoted to low income families, homeless people and those experiencing social isolation.Performances:free and accessible theatre created with and for Leithers. Creative Electric focus on supporting disabled artists, elders & young people to create groundbreaking new work.Workshops: creative writing, live art, theatre, movement, guerrilla art.All free, all accessible. Surprises:It’s our tenth year so we plan to celebrate-keep your eyes peeled for guerrilla art, presents & pop up performances!


Creative Electric is a multi-award winning company that creates accessible socio-political performance and live art for people that may not traditionally attend main stream arts events.We offer free workshops and outreach projects within the local community as well as social events and community cafes that are designed to combat social isolation.


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