Socks for the Street - Leith Cares packs £4,000

Socks for the Street - Leith Cares packs £4,000

We plan on creating ‘Leith Cares' bags for people who are coming off the street and into a temporary hostel or B&B in Leith, as a first step into their own home. These reusable bags will contain a package of new underwear, socks and basic toiletries to allow people to feel more clean and comfortable–and then prepare for a new home. There are around 200 temporary bed provisions in Leith. We would like to supply 400 ‘Leith Cares' bags to allow for people moving on.


We aim to address the basic hygiene needs of homeless people of Leith. By supplying them with basics such as socks, underwear and toiletries, it can help their mental as well as physical health. No one should have to beg for clean underwear and sanitary products.

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