Hermitage Park Primary School - Food education £3,400 FUNDED

Hermitage Park Primary School - Food education £3,400 FUNDED

‘Feeding Healthy Hermie’ features Hermitage Park School Association and Edinburgh Community Food running a 3-month inclusive food education pilot for P7 students and nursery families, The funding would cover an ECF worker, equipment/food and PSA costs. Weekly sessions will increase knowledge of: cooking/hygiene, planning/budgeting, nutrition and food waste. Benefits are: encouraging life-long healthy eating; mitigating potential weekend hunger (35% of Hermie families) with a take-home meal on Fridays; and parents being offered free, accredited training. English is not a first language for 11% of Hermie pupils, so we will also produce a multi-cultural recipe book to share with the Leith community.



We want to help celebrate the different cultures that make up Hermie and involve students and their families in providing Turkish, Bengali, Polish(andmanymore) recipes and translations in our multi-cultural recipe book, which we will share with the wider community. ECF will also offer parents of all nationalities the chance to apply for free accredited training.

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