Super Power Agency - Literacy £1,250

Super Power Agency - Literacy  £1,250

We seek funding for our Young Writers/Young Voices programme which provides opportunities for under-resourced pupils to explore the potential of the written word while fostering creativity and strengthening valuable writing skills that will help them in the classroom and employment. Our project-based learning approach means that every project from this programme has a beginning, middle and end, giving pupils a sense of accomplishment and pride. At the end of the programme, pupils leave as published authors with a finished, beautiful printed book to share with family, friends and the community. We will work with one class (20-25 pupils) at Leith Academy to create a book written by the pupils that we will publish under our imprint Super Power Books.


The Super Power Agency aims to improve the lives and literacy skills of some of Edinburgh most disadvantaged young people through a range creative work workshops, interdisciplinary programming, and mentoring. We work with young people aged 8-18 in schools and community organisations to give pupils the powers they need to close the attainment gap in education; foster aspiration; and become confident individuals

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