Crops in Pots - Recipe Book £5,000

Crops in Pots - Recipe Book £5,000

We plan to produce an intergenerational recipe book celebrating cultural diversity in Leith by including recipes from Leithers, cafés & shops which are simple, healthy & affordable. There will be open events for all to enjoy the recipes through tastings & cookery classes across Leith. Money will be spent collecting/compiling recipes, printing an initial print run & organising/running the open events. This cookbook will promote the diversity of Leith’s food culture, encourage multicultural gatherings which allow residents to share their own food heritage. The cookbook will also help to promote the organisations who contribute to both new residents and visitors to Leith.


Crops and Pots' purposes are: to encourage and support people and organisations of Leith to grow food vegetables, and flowers for bees, in urban spaces, to improve health and wellbeing/community cohesion/environment; to work with schools, establishing gardens & developing environmental syllabuses; pioneering use of common good land as growing space/hub for regeneration (‘Leith Community Croft’).

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